Xiaomi’s phablet has very little edge

Wants to be your bezel-less bezzie. (Sorry.)


Now, just calm down. We know it’s been a difficult time for you, and this might look for all the world like a phoenix rising from the ashes of your Note 7. But you musn’t throw open your desire valves so readily, until we’ve looked at some facts.

Fact: I’m buying this.

OK, well, you’re not. Because Xiaomi is a Chinese brand and its phones don’t often leave home. Also, because the Mi MIX was until very recently just a concept – it has a concepty video featuring French fancifyer Philippe Starck.

That said, Xiaomi now say they’re going to make it, and has released quite detailed specs for it on Facebook. For now we have only the Chinese pricings but Xiaomi will soon release Indian pricings. Hopefully.


Well, then: add to cart.

Come on, think this through. Do you really want a huge phablet with a 6.4in, curved edge screen taking up 91.3 percent of the front of the phone? A screen so all-encompassing that the little ear speaker has been replaced by piezoelectric technology built-in to the ceramic body of the phone? A display so ginormous that the selfie cam has been relegated to the bottom edge? Will you be happy with Snapdragon 821 processing, 4GB or 6GB of RAM and a 4400mAh battery?

Yes! I’m booking a flight to China right now.

Well, admittedly, it does all sound rather marvellous. Is that Premium Economy? We’re coming too.

Or you can leave it to the Indian folks working over at Xiaomi, to release it in India.