What’s the recipe for the perfect wake-up call on a tired Tuesday morning?

Lamborghini’s Huracan doesn’t need no introduction, but when it’s a custom-ordered specimen, we can't resist taking it for yet another spin…

A civilised car for a leisurely drive. It’s not.

What’s the best way to scare away migrating flamingos and wake up sleepyheads? Since you’re on this page, no prize for guessing. It has to be the raucous V10 of a Lamborghini pumping out 610 naturally aspirated horses at 6am! Made available to Stuff (India) exclusively, this custom-specified Huracan LP610-4 ripped its way across the muggy Mumbai morning and stuck a smile on my face that refused to settle down for the entire day. Its responses are immediate and the directness of its dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox is addictive. The explosive 3.2sec time to reach 100kmph has degenerative effects on your brain as it pins you to the sport seats and makes your eyes water. Just the way I like it!

Will it turn my knuckles white and pants brown?

If you’re jumping into its cockpit straight from an Alto, then yes. But otherwise it’s an extremely drivable car and a beast that Lamborghini has tamed considerably to appeal to a larger audience. The howling V10 sounds almost muted inside the cabin and if you don’t fiddle with the sport settings, it will also change gears for you like an Audi A3 pottering around town. Ground clearance was never an issue with the suspension on raised setting and the ride was even bearable on the massive 20in wheels. This is a Lamborghini for first-time buyers and it certainly is hospitable, edging you to drive faster and explore your limits instead of spitting you out on the pavement.

Looks like I’ll need a degree in rocket science to use these buttons?

Aircraft-like toggle switches have been a hallmark of recent year Lambos and the Huracan carries that tradition with aplomb. Bespoke switchgear in matt aluminium and Nero Ade trim and Roso Alala contrast stitching add some serious drama. Or it could just be saying these Italian names aloud, I’m not sure. The huge 12.3in TFT display fills up the instrument cluster, making it all virtual and digital so contextual information can be displayed depending on what function you engage. It does take some time getting used to turn indicators on the steering wheel, but then again, traffic moves very slowly around this car, so it shouldn’t be a dampener. 

How fast can I​ drive it without crashing it?

The speedo might show a number in excess of real-world speed limits, but the top speed would be dictated by your car control, road conditions, jaywalkers and the occasional cattle. The redline of 8800rpm looks crazy and the engine at that note sounds insane, but when hell does break loose, the ANIMA 4WD system ensures you don’t need similar-sounding medical intervention. It keeps the back-end in shape; even though it does get skittish, it never loses grip of the road and a little bit of throttle makes it dig its claws deeper into the tarmac. 

Will it break my bank?

We’re not sure whether, at this price tag, you could be broken or not! If you are even thinking about buying a supercar, a couple of crores here or there won’t sway your decision. At 3.43 crores (ex-showroom, Delhi), it serves as a base for you to start customising it to your heart’s content. The carbon-fibre and aluminium body is standard, pretty much everything else can be custom ordered so prepare for some head-down homework. No one said shopping for a Lamborghini was going to be fun.