We speak to Dan Bilzerian as he lays a few of his chips down for LivePools

Welcome to the A Club

Robert Kiyosaki in his book said, ‘Rather than do what you love, invest in what you love.’ 

We all know what Dan B loves! Apart from his affinity for women and a lifestyle most would sacrifice an arm for, the man made his millions through skill gaming (air quotes) and LivePools gives you the chance to do just that. LivePools provides you with all the statistics required for you to make selections and predictions using all the information provided and the main ingredient - your knowledge of sports, including the results of matches and top scoring players within matches; who compete against each other in what dynamic etc. There’s Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and each have their own leagues and then some! All you need to do is pay a small deposit and make others lose theirs. Just make sure you don’t lose yours, unless you’re Dan B. Check out our fun chat with the King of the Insta!

Q: Do you actually find the time to sit down and game with a bunch of close friends and have a nice time? 

Dan B: I used to play a lot more than I do now. Call of Duty man, myself. But I haven’t played a tonne recently, however I have the good setups and the fancy bits. But I do miss playing. It is fun getting into high spirits and play video games with your close friends.  

Q: Which are the top 2 bits of tech you absolutely cannot do without?

Dan B: The good old smartphone is number 1. I mean this thing just does so much now that you don’t need anything else to be honest. The second would be home automation. I love having my house automated. 

Q: If you had to invent one gadget that would make your life easier, what would you invent?

Dan B: I would love to get my hands on one of those flying saucers they’ve been working on. Apparently, according to that Bob Lazar guy, they make their own gravity. Apparently they’re travelling 50 miles a second. That just changes everything right if they get that technology out there. 

Q India has got a lot of upcoming talent when it comes to professional gaming. Do you think more people should get into it and capitalise on it?

Dan B: Look, If you could make a living out of something you love, then absolutely. I mean when I was a kid, the option of making 10 million dollars a year playing a f***g video game was not on the table. But like I said you could make money doing something you love, then more power to you.