A wallet full of music

The compact Portronics Sound Wallet could easily pass off as a vintage music device

It looks like a wallet, could also be mistaken for a miniature hip-cask good enough for a swig or two, or even a vintage pocket transistor (Google it). But it’s none of these.

The Sound Wallet from Portronics is exactly what its name says it is: A Bluetooth speaker the size of an actual wallet. It is easily pocketable and comes in ultra-modern metallic casings of gold or grey. We think it looks good and, if it’s the rose-gold one, maybe even vintage.

You get up to six hours of play on a single charge of the lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged via the included micro USB cable (since it’s not really vintage). There’s a power indicator that flashes red to let you know ahead when it’s time to recharge your speaker – charge it before you step out and no one needs to know it’s a modern device.

What about the sound? Very modern, yes, and the Sound Wallet can be paired with your iPhone, iPod, computer, iPad or any other Bluetooth-enabled audio device. It retails for Rs 1599 and there’s a discount going on at portronics.com. We suggest you go for the gold one. What, you prefer subtle? Fine, go for grey.