Victorinox’s new bag collection has enough space for all your gadgets

You won’t be left huffing and puffing at the airport gates if you can fit everything in one bag

Flight tickets booked, haunted castle tour ready, but now you’re dreading walking around on Europe’s cobbled streets with a strolley, a camera bag and a day pack? Pack smart instead, with a VX One bag.

Nothing sours a trip more than baggage hassles - grouchy airline ground staff who think they’re Maverick’s reincarnation, sniffy coach drivers who demand a tip for loading up multiple bags, and of course, the painful experience of lugging 3 bags all at once across cobbled town squares and up narrow flights of stairs. But Victorinox has a solution that should help make this a lot easier on your nerves - their VX One collection.

These all-in-one backpacks have separate areas for clothing and those books you brought along so you could show off to pretty art students while riding the Eurostar; have plenty of internal and external pockets for your phone chargers,camera batteries, and of course, those ‘cool’ shades (the ones everyone else hates but you refuse to abandon). But there’s more stuff to endear the VX One bag collection to the frequent flyer - spill-resistant pouch for toiletries, rear sleeves to secure the backpack to your luggage. Best of all, they’re made of ballistic nylon, carry a lifetime warranty, and are just the right size to fit in the overhead compartment of an airliner.