Truecaller 8 brings new features for everyone

Better spam filtering, feature phone compatibility and online payments

Use Truecaller? It’s a cinch you do - It’s pretty handy for filtering out pesky telecallers and blocking drunken pervs. Guess what, it just picked up many new features.

Everyone’s favourite spam-call-fighting-app has been updated, and it sure brings a lot more to the table. For starters, Truecaller 8 has SMS filtering (No more annoying property and weight loss spam!), flash messaging (great for sending predefined messages or your location to your pals), and since ‘tis the season for e-payments, you can now send money using ICICI Bank’s UPI gateway (you don’t need an account with ICICI Bank - just an ICICI UPI ID).

Also new is Google Duo integration, letting you fire up a video call directly from Truecaller. And finally, there’s something for feature phone users as well - if you’re on Airtel’s network, you’ll be able to use Truecaller’s Caller ID service.