This Swiss smartwatch hops from wrist to bike in a trice

Super cycling smarts for minimalists and hipsters. Or even a minimalist hipster, if that's possible

Uh, why would you want to stick your watch to your bike?

Maybe because this little bit of Swiss-made wizardry doubles as a very retro-looking bike computer. With a quick twist, it pops out of the strap and onto the bike mount. Button it into "speed mode" and the hands twizzle round to show your current speed and the distance ridden. There's also "chrono mode" which gives you a more in depth breakdown of how long you've been pedaling.

But why shouldn't I just get a proper bike computer?

Because then you'd lose all your hipster cred, of course! You can't ride your penny-farthing around town with a digital gizmo strapped to the front, you'd be laughed at. Admittedly, if you're a bit more serious about your biking, you might want to get something a bit more high-tech. But a lot of folk, a few months after buying a whizzo multi-sensor bike supercomputer, find that they mostly use the speed, distance and time.  

What's up with the extra hands?

The Moskito has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. The additional dials can tell you the date, or your average speed, or basic notifications from your phone. There's an app, of course.

I'm guessing this is going to cost more than my actual bicycle.

Well, that depends. Go to Moskito's Kickstarter page. If you back the project for CHF 535 (about ₹35,000) you can get your hands on the black anodised aluminium version, with a rugged NATO-style strap. For extra hipster points, though, you're ought to shell out CHF 735 (about ₹48,000) for the shiny stainless steel model with its leather strap.