Super Mario Maker is absolutely bonkers

It's game-design 101 and boy does it look fun

The Nintendo E3 live stream is in full swing and thanks to Super Mario Maker we've seen Super Mario's original designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, get totally pwned by his own creation.

Super Mario Maker is an easy to use level editor that allows players to create Super Mario levels of their own. Its barebones interface looks like one of the first programs to truly synergise with the second screen on the Wii U controller. We saw the Nintendo staff on stage swapping around elements using a stylus effortlessly whilst watching the changes on the big screen. 

Miyamoto even took to the stage to play levels designed by his underlings and failed laughably. Maybe that's a tad unfair given how they stacked the odds against him: the level editor allows players to do crazy things like stacking a bullet bill on a mushroom on a koopa and then giving the whole anarchical creation wings. Let the isane configurations ensue.

Super keen? You haven't got long to wait. Super Mario Maker is due for release on 11th September.