Style with substance? Check out TCX X-Square Evo biking boots

Suede gets you the looks while wear-resistance makes ‘em practical enough for your summer road trip

New bike? Check. Mean attitude? Check. Steppenwolf lyrics on your tongue? Check. Now go get yourself some new boots and hit the highway

If there’s one activity that is driven by style, it’s motorcycling. Why else would you subject yourself to our horrendous traffic while breathing in diesel smog. Nope, a car’s far more comfy when the weather sours and the road begins to resemble the dark side of the moon. But you never hear a biker complaining. One reason has to be that when you look ‘cool’ enough, you don’t really care about minor things like comfort. But another reason might be that your friend whose vocabulary seems to consist entirely of words like ‘‘V-twin’, ‘single rear coilover’ and ‘Ladakh or bust’ might know a thing or two about suiting up appropriately.

So, it’s a dead cert your biker pals are wearing something like these TCX X-Square Evo boots (9500). Why’s that? They’re made of suede leather and wear-resistant textile, are waterproof (just what you need while crossing Himalayan streams) and sport a reinforced ankle, heel counter, shift pad, a reflective heel insert and of course, a  speed-lacing system with velcro.

You can pick up these riding boots from, an online store that specialises in riding gear. Go on, tune in to that heavy metal thunder.