Stuff November issue is here!

And yes, it features the Lords of the Mega Smartphones

We know the question on top of your mind now, never mind if your pockets are empty. It's a question everyone's asking - the Apple iPhone 7 or the Google Pixel? And we've got the answers, oh yes! There's page after special page of tests on each for you to sink your teeth in. The verdict? Go read our magazine to know! And since the iPhone 7’s dared to go jack-less, we've even included 10 wireless headphones you could consider.


As for the outdoors, this issue saw us luxuriate on beach and sand and even water. The good folk at GoPro whisked us off to an island to introduce us to their mind-blowing Karma drone and new cameras. And then we whisked ourselves off on a quest to quench our thirst for watersports. We could do with such breaks from our gadgets and laptops more often, you know. Sample the fun through our pages!


And now for our cover story. A hundred free apps to make life fun, easy and organised. There's everything from pimping your selfies to managing your stocks in here. As you turn the pages, you'll often find yourself thinking, “Oh, there's an app for that?!”


There’s other superior tech in the form of the BMW 730Ld, the Sony Xperia XZ, LeEco’s Super 4K television at a surprisingly mouthwatering price and (in case you thought we missed it) the Sony Playstation 4 Pro. Yes, we've got you covered, all right!

Dig further and you'll find pages full of action cams, noise-cancelling headphones, apps, gadgets and the latest of tech. Just get your fix on real paper and subscribe right here or put that tablet of yours to good use and get a digital copy of Stuff instead.