Stuff Gadget Awards 2019: These are the Best Gadgets of the Year

We've dedicated this year to testing as many gadgets as we possibly can to determine which are the best. And the 2019 winners are…

Tech companies kept us guessing right up until the cusp of 2020 with some incredible new kit this year – seriously, it was like a new launch every week – so we thought it only prudent to do the same with the Stuff Gadget Awards 2019 and leave everything to absolute last moment.

The biggest prizes in consumer tech cover categories encompassing the cream of the crop from the past 12 months, from TV of the Year to Wearable of the Year and everything in between. Final judging from our expert panel of contributors was so fraught that things nearly descended into a lethal game of ‘rock paper scissors’ before we agreed on the winners. As tempting as it was to keep all the decisions to ourselves, we’re not lost on the fact you lot are great, and sometimes, just sometimes, you might not totally agree with us.