Sony shows the way with soundbars

Bring home just the movies. Not the complicated sound systems

If there’s a name that most Indian consumers are comfortable putting their money on, it’s Sony. But not only do they make eye-watering televisions, they’re also out to make you salivate at their new range of single-box speakers. Or Soundbars, as most of us like to call them.

The four new models in the ‘clean-living concept’ series are the HT-RT3, HT-RT5, HT-CT790 and the HT-CT390, and they start from as low as 18,990. The essence is on simplicity to reproduce 5.1 channel surround sound, and to meet this demand, Sony has equipped all the models with built-in Bluetooth and one-touch NFC so you don’t have to wait to scratch that Bieber itch (we all get it sometimes). 

Easy does it

The HT-RT3 and HT-RT5 come with more than 500 watts of power that is seamlessly distributed between the soundbar and the rear speakers via easy-to-hook-up colour-coded cables.

Move up to the HT-RT5 and you get wireless surround speakers and Songpal App compatibility, which basically allows you to control music on a pen drive connected to the home network. All the systems also make for easy connectivity to a Sony BRAVIA telly using BRAVIA Sync and are equipped with USB and HDMI ports. 

Slim, but not shady

The HT-CT790 and HT-CT390 sweeten the deal by including a wireless subwoofer as well, reducing the wire clutter further, and using its S-Force PRO Front tech, Sony claims to put you right in the middle of the movie action.

The CT790's ultra-slim, 6.4cm profile makes it ideally suited to any room that can't be bothered by sonic embellishments. The CT390 is a further petite 5.2cm, making them both the interior designer’s foremost choice.

Binge match

Power or technology isn’t compromised with size and all models use the S-Master Class-D digital amplifier technology to keep temperatures low and efficiencies high. All four models are being launched in a phased manner throughout July and we’ll be bringing you a review as soon as we get up from this couch. In front of the TV. Going through GoT S6.