Smart hat promises to look less douchey than a smartwatch

Bonus feature: it'll keep the sun out of your eyes

So you're the fitness sort, but not keen on smartbands or smartwatches. Maybe you'd just like to stick to your regular smartphone, thanks. Then perhaps it's worth considering the Activity Tracking Smart Hat, which promises to be a less run-of-the-mill fitness buddy.

Made of Dri-Fit material, the hat has a built-in Bluetooth connection that will send measurements of heart rate, steps and calories to your phone, all taken from your head without the need for external attachments (we're guessing it estimates how many calories you burn during your activities, rather than sinks some kind of probe into your head to find out - but heart rate is recorded via an optical sensor).

It works with any Android 4.3 and above device, as well as iPhones (4S and higher), and is compatible with a wide range of fitness tracking services including Nike Plus, RunKeeper, Garmin Fit and Strava. Its makers claim that it can deliver up to 17 hours of continuous use before requiring a recharge via USB.

US$99.99 (about ₹6300) seems a little on the pricy side, but if you do most of your exercising outdoors, it'll help record your activities and offer some protection from the sun. The best bit? You can handwash it. It also comes in two spartan colour choices: black and white.

[Source: Coolestgadgets]