Sign up to play the new Need for Speed ahead of its November release

EA is holding a closed beta, and you can try to get on the list now

After taking a year off and shedding the need for a subtitle, this year's rebooted Need for Speed looks like just the thing to return the racing series to its glory days. And you might be able to play it sooner than expected.

Electronic Arts has opened up a registration page for a closed beta for the upcoming game, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions offering pre-release action. If you have an EA/Origin account tied to your Xbox or PlayStation account, you can hit the link and add your name to the pile.

It's a closed beta, however, and EA may not necessarily take all comers - selections could be limited, but if you're interested you might as well take a moment to sign up. Registration runs until 25 September, and then the test will take place sometime thereafter. We'd guess early October, given the game's release the first week of November.

Need for Speed is due out on 3 November, and in addition to the console versions, the racer is also due out on PC. We went hands-on with the Ghost Games-developed reboot at E3, and although it was a brief demo, the nighttime racing and startlingly realistic graphics had us eager to give it another go.

[Source: Need for Speed via Polygon]