Samsung renews its fitness front with the Gear IconX and Gear Fit 2

Totally cordless earbuds and updated band officially unveiled

Big fan of Samsung's particular style of wearable fitness devices? Well, you've got a pair of new options on the horizon as the company just announced the Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX.

Neither is a huge surprise: they broke cover ahead of schedule in late April thanks to leaked photos and details, but now we've got the official word and timeline on when to expect both. And it's the totally new device that might be most appealing of the duo.

The Gear IconX is a pair of totally wireless Bluetooth earbuds that aren't even physically connected to each other. Like the Bragi Dash, they pop into your ears individually and can link up to your phone, but they also have 4GB of internal storage for holding on to your local music.

They offer about 90 minutes of music streaming from your phone or about three and a half hours when playing local music. The included storage case also holds a charge and can charge the earbuds twice over once drained (according to The Verge).

They power up as soon as you pop them in your ears and they'll track fitness data like distance, speed, heart rate and burned calories without a paired device. All that data can go right into Samsung's S Health platform. It also has a guide for voiced feedback and you can tap or swipe the surface of the earbuds to control music.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 updates the underwhelming 2014 original with a refreshed and more comfortable-looking design, plus GPS and the capability to auto-sense fitness activities. The larger Super AMOLED display might also help alleviate those touch responsiveness issues we struggled with on the original model.

Both devices will be out by the end of August, with the Gear Fit 2 priced at ₹13,990 and the Gear IconX priced at ₹13,490.