Samsung discovers how to double your phone's battery life

Research project finds promising technique that keeps the juice flowing

Samsung smartphones aren't known for their long-lasting batteries, but that could all be about to change.

In a report published in Nature and comprehensibly titled "Silicon carbide-free graphene growth on silicon for lithium-ion battery with high volumetric energy density", Samsung backed scientists detail a method that dramatically increases smartphone battery life.

By utilising a graphene-coated silicon anode to replace the typical graphite cathode, the scientists have created a battery with significantly high volumetric energy density and a slower rate of degradation than other lithium ion alternatives, with their report citing an 80 percent increase in capacity. We think that's rather a lot. 

It's good news, but those of you jumping for joy at the idea of a carefree 24 hours in the green should temper your excitement. The research is still in the experimental phase and will take years to integrate into existing tech.

There is also the small issue of demand versus supply to take into account. Future Samsung devices will possess fancier screens, meatier processors, and heftier storage, all of which will suck up more juice unless serious advancements are made in energy efficiency. Even if a 1.8x increase in energy capacity is achieved, a proportion of that benefit will be hoovered up by the higher power requirements of smartphones in 2018.

So while this might sound like life-changing technology, the reality is that it probably isn't going to affect you for a few more years. Don't chuck away your chargers just yet.