Reserve your new iPhone 6S via PayTM’s pre-order offer

No need to arm-twist your cousin in New York into standing in line for hours outside an Apple Store

Around eleventy-billion of you are probably salivating over the prospect of grabbing a new iPhone this festive season, all the while screaming ‘take my money’. Luckily for all you coddled, lazy folk, we here in India don’t have to brave the elements while warding off queue-jumpers outside a boring, old-school retail store. No, we get to sit in air-conditioned comfort while buying our iPhones online…

Having sleepless nights knowing there’s a new iPhone out? It’s your lucky day then, ‘cos PayTM is running a pre-order scheme that lets you be amongst the first in India to get your very own iPhone 6s.

This is how it works: There’s a daily registration window on PayTM, with a limited number of units up for sale. You’ll have to log on during 12 noon to 6 in the evening, and fork out an initial registration amount (₹2000). The offer runs through to Tuesday, 13 October, and on the 14th, you’ll get an email containing a link for completing payment. All customers who complete the booking process will then be assigned a store location where they can pick up their new iPhone on launch day. (We recommend taking a friend along so you can bask in their envy). PayTM is also running cashback offers for the iPhone pre-order scheme... But like we said, there’s a limited stock, so book early (don’t say we didn’t warn you)!