Planning a bike ride to Ladakh? Try UM Motorcycles’ Renegade range

Trio of 279cc cruisers promises low-slung American styling at an affordable price

Hailing from the sunny climes of Florida, these beauties reckon they can win over the hard-bitten Indian biker. What are you waiting for? Go get your Easy Rider gear and get ready to rock!

While we’ll have to wait for our resident bike nuts to get their hands on the new UM Renegades before giving a verdict on whether they’re perfect for your Ladakh trip, one has to admit they look nice. That especially holds true for the Renegade Commando in its olive green colour that makes it look like something General Patton would ride leading the Allied charge from Normandy. But it’s not all about looking cool like a war vet gone all hippie - there’s a 279cc, single-cylinder, water-cooled engine churning out 25bhp at 8,500rpm and 21.8Nm torque at 7,000rpm, put down to the ground via a six-speed transmission. In all, the Commando weighs 172kg, and with a front telescopic suspension and the rear dual shock absorbers, should be able to cope with even the worst roads out in the back of beyond.

The Renegade Commando can be yours for 1.59 lakh, but if you don’t quite fancy the military theme and would rather have something with as much vintage Americana cred as an Allman Brothers LP, you can choose between the Renegade Sport S (1.49 lakh) pictured above

or the Renegade Classic (1.69 lakh).