Pity your wallet: the Steam summer sale has begun

Big discounts on tons of games, including XCOM, Metro Redux and Tales from the Borderlands

Gamers, prepare your credit card for a hurtin’ – because the Steam summer sale is underway.

Between now and 21st June, Valve’s online gaming store will be offering hundreds of games and add-ons at huge reductions. New sale items are added every 12 hours, so canny gamers will want to check back at least once a day.

As of the time of writing, our picks of the first bunch of reduced games would be the XCOM: Enemy Unknown complete collection (₹500), Valkyria Chronicles (₹375), the Metro Redux bundle (₹680), and Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands (₹950).

With reductions of up to 90 percent on some items, there can be a tendency for any visit to the Steam store during sales to turn into a digital trolley dash, filling your cart with all sorts of games that you’re never going to get round to playing. So shop smart out there – or just take a couple of weeks off work at the end of June and plough your way through the whole lot on a caffeine- and Doritos-fuelled game bender.

[Source: Steam]