Philips’ new range of Bluetooth speakers make up for the lack of good company

Beautifully designed portability

The newest range of Philips portable speakers not only lend distortion-free sound to your playlist that it deserves, they look pretty dapper too.

What have looks got to do with it? You wouldn’t be asking this question if the leather couch, a glass of single malt and some old classics are the company you keep in the evenings. In that case, a good looking Bluetooth speaker not only makes up for the lack of better company, it pretty much deems it unnecessary.

Use these with your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet for uninterrupted music that lasts for multiple hours. The built-in rechargeable battery is meant for longer listening and range between ₹ 3,499 and ₹ 5,999. Though the BT4200 and BT110 are meant for basic use, a few extra bucks could buy you the BT122 and BT114 that are equipped with FM Radio and USB options.