Panasonic's new OLED TV looks like a must-see

Prepare for blacks so deep they might just devour your soul

We’ve been waiting for a long time for this: Panasonic has announced its first OLED TV.

Thus far only LG has properly embraced OLED technology, which is something of a shame given how special OLED sets are. Why? Well as its pixels light themselves rather than using a screen-wide backlight, they provide contrast far better than that you'd get on any LCD TV. In plain English - they look superb, with deep blacks and bright whites. 

Now Panasonic's joined the OLED gang with its 65in 4K TX-65CZ950 TV. It’s not a concept or a prototype, but an honest-to-god TV you’ll actually be able to buy.

Panasonic has worked with Oblivion cinematographer Mike Sowa on ensuring the TX-65CZ950 gets you cracking colour, as intended by the film-maker. This all links into Panasonic’s 4K Pro technology, which gives a TV much more tweakability when it comes to colour fidelity across the panel. And, boy, there’s a lot of panel to play with here. 

The TX-65CZ950 also supports HDR footage, set to become the next ‘must-have’ tech for anyone looking to spend big on their next tellybox. It’s even THX-certified, meaning the TV can, with the right settings, produce supremely accurate visuals. 

Panasonic has clearly gone for OLED with both barrels this time. We’re dying to try one, but there’s one crucial bit missing: the price. We’ll be on the lookout for more info.