OnePlus to disable colour filter camera for users in China only

For now…

After YouTubers made a hullabaloo about the OnePlus 8 Pro’s see-through capabilities, OnePlus made a quick announcement on its Weibo handle about how it would soon release an update and disable the camera until they can find a workaround to the problem.

Yes, the internet was a bit divided about the “problem” that some YouTubers brought up in their videos. Some believed that it was unnecessary since the camera could only see through certain plastics and black coloured clothing, while others took the IR camera as a proper privacy issue.

Whether you love the camera that lets you shoot some stunning and other-worldly photos, or you just hate it, there’s more news on that front. A staff member took to the OnePlus forums and explained that the camera would only be disabled on the models sold in China, for now. The rest of the world can retain the camera’s capabilities until the filter-fixing update arrives.

This basically means that it will be only the HydrogenOS (China version) users who will get this camera disabling update (and not OxygenOS). As for the fixing bit, the member made it clear that the camera disabling update was meant to silence “false and misleading information” which was being circulated on Chinese social media.

The camera fixing update, which will arrive at a later date, will not disable the Photochrom filter but simply limit “functionality that may be of concern” to some users. You can check out the memo by clicking here.