OnePlus CEO drops the bomb with announcement of OnePlus 9R handset

The gamer-friendly OnePlus 9R will be exclusive to India

Most gaming smartphones are all about top specs, bragging rights and... RGB. Well, those are the pricier ones like the Asus ROG series, BlackShark and Nubia’s RedMagic that are mainly aimed at enthusiast and professional mobile gamers, and come with accessories that up the experience to give them an edge over the competition. But how do you bring that gamer-crazy hardware to the mid-range or the budget segment?

Brands like Realme have tried time and again to deliver a gamer-friendly experience in the budget range, but have often fallen short of expectations, because there’s only so much one can do with 4-6 GB RAM and a budget chipset, regardless of whether you chuck in a 90 or a 120 Hz display. Xiaomi's sub-brand POCO did fair a lot better with its gamer-focussed POCO X3 smartphone (X3 Pro expected soon) and now OnePlus claims that it may have the perfect recipe between gamer-friendly features and hardware.

In an interview with OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau News18 revealed that the brand will announce a 3rd 9 series smartphone this year alongside the expected 9 and 9 Pro. Lau in the interview confirmed the same and also confirmed that it would be called the OnePlus 9R.

Not much about the smartphone was revealed in the interview (in terms of hardware), but we now know that it should be priced at the higher end of the mid-range and will come with hardware that focussed on gaming. Also expected are gaming controls, a high refresh rate display. But given that it’s coming from OnePlus, we could expect something sensible instead of just going big on specifications that don’t make sense when you fire it up and play a game.

Like every other OnePlus product this year, Lau also confirmed that the 9R will pack in 5G and it’s also said to be available at an affordable price tag (by OnePlus standards). The interesting bit of course, is that Lau only spoke to about India availability and pricing, so the handset may be an India exclusive (for now), which is a big deal for OnePlus and its fans in India.