The new Moto 360 could land in two sizes

Motorola's next smartwatch could suit dinky and large wrists alike

Motorola' successor to the Moto 360 (which we're temporarily dubbing the 360 2), could very well arrive in two different sizes, according to the latest rumours.

The news comes courtesy of documentation submitted to a Brazilian telecoms agency, outlining two Motorola products - the 360S and 360L. We'll give you three guesses to determine what those letters stand for.

If this information is legitimate, it appears that Motorola is going down the Apple route of providing small and large smartwatches to suit different wrist types, which is definitely a step in the right direction - many users still feel that smartwatches are too bulky, after all.

There's little else to go on for the time being, although both devices are listed as having Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi and battery size of 270mAh and 375mAh for the 360S and 360L respectively.

Last week Motorola tweeted a teaser of what appears to be a new model of the 360 smartwatch, with more traditional watch straps. Sadly, that teaser video also showed off a not-quite fully circular screen, which if true, is disappointing.

Still, none of this is set in stone or confirmed by any means, so we'll just have to wait and see what smartwatch goodies Motorola has in store for us.

[via The Verge]