New iPhone Designs Leaked And Reactions Are Far From Positive [Updated]

Many people are complaining that the design is just awful. New information updated.

When detailed schematics of the new iPhone 11 design came out, it definitely wasn't impressive but there was hope that maybe it would look good once a physical version is out. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. Physical models have now been made and everyone's reaction has not been pretty.

Made by popular tech designer Ben Geskin, he posted pics of it on Twitter and asked:  “Did you get used to this design already?” and the majority of the responses is a resounding negative, with people saying it looks awkward and one even saying "Steve Jobs would have fired everyone".

The reason to the bad reaction (if it isn't obvious) is that massive new camera hump, which is supposed to be the iPhone 11's biggest feature to look out for. It was meant to show that this year Apple is sidelining style for substance with both new iPhones featuring huge sensor upgrades, which have the potential to shoot both models back to the top of the smartphone camera charts. It's been a position iPhones have relinquished in recent years in comparison to many other smartphones out there.

There are plenty of other features to look out for, of course. There's an expected battery boost, which many are into these days. But as much as the iPhone seems to be upgrading itself, there are still some downgrades which include its class-leading 3D technology this year, which means the iPhone 11 and 11 Max will deliver a haptic experience inferior to every iPhone since the iPhone 6S. There's also the fact that while notchesare  disappearing fast from rivals, the front of Apple’s new iPhones will remain unchanged for the third generation in a row. To put this in comparison, even the Pixel 4 is likely to have a punch-hole screen.

UPDATE: The iPhone 11's design is pretty much confirmed as it now has glass protectors for its rear camera by case and accessory manufacturer Olixar, and they come in three versions, one for each of the three variants we are expecting from Apple this year. In addition, the same accessory maker also has an iPhone 11 Max screen protector also up for pre-order from Mobile Fun UK. The company has pretty much confirmed the design by stating that the Olixar protectors “are already in mass productions and available for sale, so the company is clearly confident that the layout is correct”.

Currently initial rumors about the iPhone 11’s camera setup suggest that Apple may add a 120-degree wide angle camera, which would be a first for them. The same reports claim the telephoto and standard cameras will continue be optically stabilised but there are no plans for OIS on the ultra-wide. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11R would have the telephoto and standard cameras but omit the ultra-wide.

Apple will also have a brighter quad-LED flash on the back and a thinner camera bump than before. Smart HDR is also expected to undergo a significant update to catch up with the competition.

We have no clue how the iPhone will push itself forward, even with many great OS upgrades coming up with the iOS13. All we can say about the iPhone 11 now is to just wait and see for more information. Until then, it's a hard device to recommend.