MV Agusta launches the F4, F3 800 and the Brutale 1090, plunges us into motoring bliss

Italian beauties, incoming!

The Italians do know more than a thing or two when it comes to creating the most seductive, high performance machines on four or two wheels. So, when we were invited for a sneak peek of the new range of superbikes from the legendary MV Agusta motoring company, we did get our share of goosebumps. Then we saw the bikes in the flesh and all hell broke loose.

Triple Threat


MV Agusta has joined forces with the Kinetic Group to debut not one, but three bikes in the Indian market. These comprise of the drop dead gorgeous F4, F3 and Brutale 1090, all to be offered in more than one variant. Pune-ites will be the first lucky ones to get to see the bike up close and personal thanks to the opening of the first-ever AV Agusta showroom - MotoRoyale.


Agusta wind...


Moving on, you really need to see the F4 (26.8 lacs) in the flesh and take a moment to soak in the fact that it looks absolutely stunning. The bike is heralded as one of the best looking in the world and is the work of legendary Italian motorcycle designer, Massimo Tamburini. A 998cc four-cylinder engine powers the F4, churning out a gut-rattling 195bhp.


However, that is obviously not powerful enough, which is why MV Agusta also has a slightly higher spec’d version it calls F4 RR. This variant punches out 201bhp from the same 998cc engine and promises a top speed of rip-your-face-right-off-km/h. The bike also sports full Ride-By-Wire tech along with GP-spec titanium con rods.


RC meaning, Really Crazy?


Sadly, even that doesn’t satiate your voracious hunger for speed and exotic machinery. MV Agusta understands, which is why they called in the best people from their R&D, injected them with Absinthe and told them “Look we need something that goes faster”. The geniuses that they were, out came a version christened F4 RC, of which only 200 units will be made worldwide. The engine on this one, hold your breath, belts out an incredible 212bhp of power output and will have you cross 300 km/h in a few extremely scary seconds. We were told that a gentleman from Surat has already imported one and just for facts, the F4 RC version costs over 50 lacs. Which is so meh! Right?


Next in line is the F3 800, which too looks incredibly stunning, as it is inspired by the F4. This supersports bike is powered by an 800cc three-cylinder engine that generates [email protected],000rpm. ABS, eight-stage traction control and slipper clutch will be offered as standard and is priced at 16.7 lacs. The F3 800 is the cheapest superbike in the MV Agusta’s range for India.


Finally, we come to the Brutale 1090, which is powered by a 1078cc four-cylinder engine that clocks 144bhp and offers 112Nm of torque. When it comes to neck-twisting acceleration, we've heard stories about the Brutale 1090 and we hope we get to ride one soon.