Montegrappa says you can carry the great houses of Westeros in your pocket

Game of writing instruments

The show’s long over and the wait for the next season has been made worthwhile.

For a true fan of Game of Thrones, it’s a long Winter of the North, waiting for the next season [the vague mid-2017 release date for Season 7 isn’t enough consolation for the deprived fan’s soul]. Here’s something for you to indulge your little fantasies in while you wait for this winter to get over.

Montegrappa gives you reason to rejoice because with their newest collection of writing instruments you get to decide whether you want the rich Lannister, the next-to-extinct Baratheon, the noble Stark or the fiery Targaryen literally sitting in your pocket.

Bringing some authenticity in representing the four key houses of Westeros, each pen carries the insignia of the respective clan – a charcoal and yellow gold pen with a stag’s head on the pocket clip for Baratheon, regal red and yellow gold with a lion’s head for Lannisters, silvery-white symbol of the impending winter for the House of Stark and metallic red for the Targaryen family of dragons. Seems like a fun way to indulge in some clean role-play as fantasy royalty. How we wish execution orders came as an add-on with the pens?


The lacquered surface, 18k gold or bronze plate, and the engraving make up for the absence of Valyrian steel, it sure takes you back to the happy days of binge-watching the show. Available in a range of fountain pens, rollerball and ballpoint, you can lay your hands on the house of your choice. Price on request for these premium pens, available at the Montegrappa flagship stores in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Though the Lannister sword would be the ultimate thing to honour the series, the Montegrappa pens come a close second in adding to the snob value. While at it, add a dash of Harry Potter too, get a sorting hat to identify the house you’d best fit in and get ready to flaunt these pens like a badge of honour, just as a true fan would.