March issue of Stuff magazine out now with 100 best apps

Time to get downloading

There are two types of people in this world: psycho types who arrange their apps in folders, and those of us who aren’t planning on killing any time soon.

Whichever type you are, know that the spaces on your smartphone or tablet home screen are there to be filled – so the latest issue of Stuff magazine features a compilation of the 100 best apps to download right now, and we haven’t forgotten smartwatches either.


The game of phones is on! Samsung and Motorola are flipping over… quite literally. While Samsung went all out launching a plethora of phones for us to toy around with, Motorola’s flip phone made its mark in the race of the shooting stars too. Now who’s flipping over to the other side? 

Our Hot Stuff section has this, and more…

Show us some meat

Gamers, revel in the first play of Doom Eternal, follow us on a Journey to the Savage Planet, and saddle up for Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition. The coolest reusable coffee cups, ways to upgrade the iPhone 11 Pro, and a buying guide to hard drives – it’s all in the March issue of Stuff India. Elsewhere in Stuff’s star-rated reviews section, there’s the latest Audi Q8 that blew our minds from the minute we laid our eyes on that majestic grille. In the crowded world of flagships, here’s one big, heavy SUV that makes its mark in more ways than one.

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