Make your dreams come true with a wish list

Wishtry will help you curate your most wanted wish list

Imagine a party where every friend turns up with the exact gifts you secretly wanted. Introducing Wishtry that enables you to get the gift you want.

To use it, you must add the bookmark given by the gift registry service, surf marketplaces - online or offline - as usual and add products you want as a gift from friends and family to your Wishtry list. Once you’ve curated your list, all you have to do is share this list with loved ones.

And if you want to receive money as a gift, you’re sorted too. It serves as a fundraising tool as well. So, if you want a cash gift fund for a honeymoon or nursery for your kid, this will serve you well.

There’s also a companion app, which will let you edit your curated lists on the go. The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android.