LiDAR to be seen in upcoming Volvos

High-tech first seen in iPad will be used for road safety soon!

Touted as the tech that will change augmented reality and now, supposedly, autonomous driving too! Volvo has partnered with Luminar to use their LiDAR tech for next-gen Volvo passenger cars based on their SPA 2 platform.

Vehicles based on this new modular architecture will roll out as soon as 2022, with the Luminar LiDAR integrated into the roof. LiDAR sensors emit millions of pulses of laser light to accurately detect where objects are by scanning the environment in 3D, and creating a temporary, real-time map without requiring internet connectivity. They also work better than traditional cameras or even radars in most conditions and could make true autonomous driving on the highways a reality soon.

Volvo customers will be able to opt for the Highway Pilot feature that enables fully autonomous highway driving and will be activated once it is verified to be safe for individual geographic locations and conditions. Updates to the system will be OTA; Volvo is even exploring LiDAR’s role in improving existing systems like the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) already in use. Being the first brand to put this tech into series production, Volvo once again claims the crown to be one of the world's safest automobiles!