LeTV pedals it to India on a Smart Cycle

Will multiple sensors and cloud connectivity make you the envy of your hipster pals?

LeTV’s phones should come soon, but for now, you’ve got a Smart Cycle, a VR headset and headphones. Just don’t go around using them all at once.

LeTV first announced its new ‘Super Phones’ back in April. Since then, they’ve got even newer devices out worldwide. Their phones should be arriving soon, but for now, they’ve got something altogether different (and honestly, a lot more interesting) for us.

First up is the LeMe Bluetooth headset. With a 195mAh battery inside, LeTV claims you can expect around 10 hours of playback. The LeMe also has a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, weighs 240g and comes in five colour variants.


Up next is the Le 3D Helmet. This VR headset uses a 5.5in 2K display with a 70-degree field of vision. There’s a USB Type-C input to connect it to your phone when you’re in the mood for some immersive gaming or don’t want to be disturbed while watching movies. But what’s really cool about the Le 3D Helmet is the dioptre adjustment for users who normally wear glasses.

But the best news has to be the Super Cycle. No, despite the name which makes it sound like a new-fangled washing machine that can wash, dry and iron your clothes in less time than it takes to make coffee, it’s actually a smart bike.

What makes it different? And will it let you discard that beat-up fixie you normally use to weave through traffic and around crazy cabbies? Well, for one, it does look like a million bucks, with the futuristic unibody design making it seem like an escape pod for the Starship Enterprise. But the real smarts lie inside - it’s chainless, which means no more oily smudges and getting late for your French poetry classes, and there’s an integrated anti-theft system which uses fingerprint recognition or your phone to unlock the bike. Then there’s the in-built GPS, Bluetooth, the 3G with an integrated walkie-talkie function, lights for night-time riding, and neatest of all, cloud connected sensors - to help you keep track of your heartbeat, weather, light-intensity…

Powering all this is an 8400mAh battery which you can charge via the mains or even through the built-in dynamo. And yes, it runs ‘CycleOS’ - which means we’ve finally crossed over the smart device event horizon.

Pricing for LeTV’s new gear hasn’t been announced yet, but we should get to know before the end of January. It’s also expected that LeTV will be selling these via the Indian version of their online store - LeMall.com.