Lara Croft Go and Enlight lead Apple's picks for the best iOS apps of 2015

Here are the apps and games Apple thinks you should have

The App Store is a marketplace for software, sure, but it also has an editorial side: Apple has a staff of influencers who make decisions on what gets promoted and what is written about certain apps and games. And now they've made their best-of lists for 2015.

Issued today, the lists cover iPhone apps, iPhone games, iPad apps, and iPad games, respectively, showcasing the software that Apple's own team thinks you should be downloading. Many strong picks are found across the lists, but as in past years, some entries feel like they made the cut because they're popular rather than excellent.

 Apple's choice for the top iPhone app of the year is Enlight, the impressive photo editor, with runners-up including TransferWise and Scanbot. Over on the tablet side of things, Apple says that Airbnb takes the iPad app crown, with Yousician and Enlight coming up after.

Over on the games side of things, the Indian picks spotlight the brilliant Lara Croft Go (pictured) as the top iPhone game of the year, with runners-up like Dark Echo and Fallout Shelter not far behind. Prune takes Apple's top spot on the iPad side, meanwhile, with Her Story and Transistor also grabbing well-deserved slots just behind.

Each country has its own lists; for example, the U.S. picks show Periscope as the top iPhone app, with Robinhood stock trading app joining Enlight as runners-up. And for iPhone games, Mr. Jump is there with Fallout Shelter as the runners-up to Lara Croft Go. Want to see your country's full lists? Pull up the App Store on your iOS device or in iTunes, or hit this link. And then get to downloading already!

[Source: Apple]