iPhone 6S may house 4K-capable 12MP camera

Time to step up the skin regime as unforgiving 4000x3000 pixel detail potentially wends its way to Apple devices

The perpetually leaky bucket which is the iPhone R&D process continues to drip all over the internet, this time with rumours about video recording quality.

According to a leak spotted by Engadget, the iPhone 6S will be capable of recording 4K video using a 12MP rear-facing camera. The information was posted on Chinese website Sina Weibo, citing a variety of previously-seen chassis shots along with pictures of Foxconn documentation.

The iPhone 6 features an 8MP 'iSight' camera, but as we noted in our review, its great lens quality and quality processing more than make up for its lack of pixel power, allowing it to keep pace with the competition.

This isn't one of the most reliable-looking leaks we've seen so far regarding the 6S, but it makes sense within the context of other information we've managed to glean. Clues so far point to an iPhone that is indistinguishable from its predecessor on the outside, but with enhancements to power saving, and more efficient use of internal space. 

Adding 4K video capability finally brings Apple up to par with the competition. The LG G4, HTC One M9, and Samsung Galaxy S6 already possess the ability to shoot in 4K, and the S6 does so with a rear camera that is four megapixels more detailed than that rumoured for the iPhone 6S.

The question of 4K and its importance hinges on the user's ability to play back the footage to that standard on other devices. For those that don't own a 4K TV, computer, or projector, it's unlikely that the move from 1080p will mean all that much.

[Source: Engadget]

[Image source: 9to5Mac]