“I’d love to have a pet, but…”

No more buts, buddy. Here’s a good reason to bring home that mutt

Nothing as awesome as an excited ball of fur slobbering all over you, looking deep into your soul with huge, excited eyes, is there? We know them feels, we do.

And we know how it gets when you can’t bring home a pet because, hey, you also love to travel and simply cannot leave the poor baby at a kennel or, shudder, home alone (DO NOT EVER DO THAT).

We’re not saying kennels are evil, but we do know that most pawpaws would be way happier in an environment they’re accustomed to.

The noble folk at pawsomestay.com  know this too, and so this wonderful initiative. They pair up dog owners who need dog-sitting with dog lovers who’d love to help - like Tinder for dog fans, really.


It’s not based only on feels, though. Aspiring dog-sitters are put through interviews and screenings to gauge factors like home hygiene, ability to provide wholesome meals and, of course, willingness to be woken at 6am for that essential morning walk, and more.

Dog owners are matched with sitters within their locality - dogs are territorial and appreciate familiarity. All in all, it’s all very heartwarming and well-thought-out indeed.

Check out the testimonials and sitter ratings on the website - it’s a very happy place. And then go get that pet, or offer to babysit one. Woof!