The Hoverboard finally hits India!

Sorry, sorry, we mean the DRIFTBOARD finally hits India

Few things ooze more chill than the IO Walk Elite. 

It's a 'Personal Mobility Device' according to the folks that make it. Some idiots call it a hoverboard. We call it a driftboard. We had it in office last week and make no mistake, zero work was done. The driftboard is insane fun as you can probably tell from our video review. It costs a fair bit but boy oh boy, it seems worth every penny once you master it. The initial five minutes are awkward as you flail your arms trying to get used to it but within ten minutes you'll be gliding smoothly all around. 

The IO Walk Elite is powered by rechargeable Samsung batteries and goes from zero to full in just three hours. A single charge lasts for 20 kilometers which is pretty darn amazing if you ask us. Top speed is capped at 10 kmph which might not sound impressive but it feels super zippy when you are on it. This is a fast, fun little set of wheels that you'll love as long as you have it. 

Watch the video for our full review (and shenanigans).