Honda launches Connect app for car owners

If you own a Honda Jazz, City or CR-V, sit up and pay attention

The Honda Connect app sounds pretty darn good and we are almost jealous we don’t traverse around in a Honda. It is available for free for iOS and Android so if you do happen to drive a Honda, now would be the time to rush to your respective app store.

The Connect app has a bunch of features- some gimmicky and some genuinely useful. Once you register your car, you’ll get periodic service alerts and the app will store a history of any maintenance action taken on the vehicle, including the visit date, dealer name, cost and so on. You’ll get updates of new products and campaigns by Honda as well which might be a bit of a drag for some.

There is a manual SOS option which works exactly how it sounds. Smell trouble? Open the app and hit the SOS button, your friends and family will get your location. It also shows the nearest Honda dealers and fuel stations. If you are as bad with documents as we are then you would really dig the Document Wallet. It allows you to keep important document photos related to the car in it and sends out reminders about Insurance and PUC renewal. For the frugal ones out there, there is a fuel log that tracks the fuel economy and refueling history.

Now, if you happen to get the ‘Connected Device’ that Honda is selling for ₹2999, things get really interesting. You get nifty features like Locate My Car, detailed Trip Analysis and Impact Alert. The Connected Device measures the car’s 3D orientation a hundred times a second and Impact Alert notifies Honda’s call centers the moment is detects a collision. Nice.

Both the app and the device are out now. We will do an in-depth test soon so check back for a detailed review.