Have your thoughts Voizd with this social networking app

Say what you want to say

If you’ve ever held yourself back from posting a thought or opinion on Twitter or Facebook because you were worried about what your friends and followers would think, here’s a solution.

Enter Voizd, a social networking platform where you can express your true feelings without fear. The audio-based anonymous social networking app aimed at India's social savvy youngsters let you voice your opinion on a range of issues, be they national and international issues or personal and professional frustrations. Voizd lets you record and post a 30-second audio clip on any topic without the fear of ever being judged, labeled or trolled due to the anonymity factor. Since your identity is protected you don’t have to filter out your real opinions.

It also allows you to listen to what others really think about various topics and connect with likeminded people.

Currently, it’s the only social network in India that combines audio with anonymity. What’s more? The app is available free of cost on iOS and Android stores.