Have a mask on? Apple will soon let you unlock your iPhone with a mask

In a rather rudimentary way

Rich or middle class, everyone has a mask on to save themselves and others during the coronavirus pandemic. And that poses problems with technologies like Face ID, where you need to show your mug to unlock your phone.

There’s one option of pulling your mask down and then there’s the other where you have to wait for your iPhone to prompt you to enter your passcode. And when you have your hands full, a few seconds can feel like an eternity. Thankfully, Apple has a plan. An app developer has pointed out how the iOS 13.5 beta (pre-release software) now makes it easier to skip Face ID and enter your passcode, making the process a bit faster and less annoying.

Face ID is super convenient most of the time, but it won’t recognise you when you have a mask on. When it sees a mask, there is a slight delay until the phone throws up a keypad to let you punch in your passcode and unlock your phone. A new tweak that Apple has applied to iOS 13.5 lets users simply swipe to enter the passcode directly, saving you a few seconds every time you have a mask on and need to unlock your iPhone securely. Some Twitter users on the pre-release software also report that upon seeing a mask, iOS directly jumps to the passcode screen, which is also quite handy.

Indeed, it will be a few weeks until the update comes to consumers, so you will have to wait a while or simply turn off Face ID to get directly to the passcode screen upon raising your phone.