Got a car? Share your commute

Uber's added an extra cog to their system - you*

If you, like us, are a city commuter, then you, like us, invariably begin your day inhaling lungfuls of smoke and grime. There's no escape. 

But there are ways and means to reduce your carbon footprint. No, we're not listing them here - ask any school kid and you'll get your answers. What we're suggesting is sharing your commute with other green folk.

Look out your car window and you'll see hundreds of strangers commuting in the same direction as you, at the same time. It's no rocket science then - if technology could enable all of you to connect and travel together, imagine the impact on reducing the levels of air pollution? And who better to provide this tech than those who already have it, i.e. Uber? And boy, are these guys serious about skewing the future of commuting towards carpooling.

Got your own car?  You can now enrol with Uber to share your car and travel cost with others heading in the same direction. The app will help you know the amount for each trip in advance, calculated to help recoup the running cost of your car. Uber has also called on local regulators to promote the financial incentives you as a car owner could benefit from.

The service has been rolled out in Delhi and Bangalore, and here are some numbers: Over 25% of the Uber trips in these two cities are now on UberPool. Since its launch in India, UberPool and UberCommute have cut the number of kilometres driven by over 1.5 crores. This translates into over 12 lac litres of fuel saved. Worth it, yes?

*(your car, to be precise)