Google brings native handwriting recognition to Android

Galaxy Note owners can stop bragging now – all Android phones are getting in on the stylus action

You may think styluses aren't cool, but the millions of people buying Samsung Galaxy Notes and Microsoft Surfaces can't all be wrong. It's clear that, even in a world of touchscreen QWERTY keyboards, there's still a place for handwriting on phones.

And now Google has leapt aboard this particular bandwagon. The new Google Handwriting Input is a keyboard plugin that allows you to use your handwriting - via stylus or simply a fingertip - on any Android device.

Scribbling made simple

The app, compatible with both smartphones and tablets, is remarkably accurate. It recognises printed or cursive handwriting, and supports up to 82 different languages and 20 distinct scripts. Much like its Windows counterpart, you're able to use the input in apps that include messaging and browsers.

Google Handwriting Input fares really well in recognising terrible handwriting (can you hear all the doctors out there weeping with joy?). Not only that, Google's trumpeting it as a fun way of inserting emojis and useful for languages that take too much hassle on a standard keyboard (like a lot of Asian languages).

Google has put in a lot of effort into the innovation and advancement of handwriting on devices, for example Google Gesture Search (which allows you swiftly access contacts, apps and more by simple drawing gestures on screen), and more recently a browser-based handwriting input for Google's search engine. We await its arrival impatiently for our phones.

[Source: Digitaltrends]