Get a taste of Meizu’s Flyme OS with the M3 Note

And yes, it's got expandable storage as well


3GB RAM, a fingerprint scanner and a MediaTek Helio P10 for less than ₹10k? Why not!

Last year's MX5 gave us a taste of Meizu’s Flyme OS: using a single button interface, it's quite a radical departure from the standard Android way of navigating around, but still feels absolutely natural. Even then, we had a major grouse against that device - sure, it was fast, had a great display and the OS was great, but with just 16GB storage, you were guaranteed to run out of space within 5 minutes of getting your hands on it.


Enough space, finally


Meizu now wants to make amends and what we get is the new M3 Note. This 5.5in device (running Flyme OS based on Android Lollipop) uses MediaTek’s midrange Helio P10 CPU, pairing it with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. And since you can also fit in microSD cards (up to 128GB), you're unlikely to run out of space for quite a while.


A massive battery


The display’s got Full HD resolution and there's a metal body and a fingerprint scanner, which is pretty standard for circa 2016, but wait up, the battery weighs in at 4100mAh, which should provide enough fuel to even those of you who can't go more than a few minutes without posting snarky tweets about whatever people are getting angry over today.


Snap happy


Other specs include a 13MP, f/2.2 rear camera with PDAF and dual flash and a 5MP camera, f/2.0 camera at the front. Also included is FotoNation 2.0 'beautification’ tech for those of you so vain you think the makers of Photoshop deserve a Bharat Ratna.

Interested? The Meizu M3 Note retails on Amazon India for ₹9999 (you've also got three colours to choose from - gold, silver and grey).