“Gaming laptops just don’t have the grunt for hard-core gaming.”

Acer throws the Aspire V Nitro Black Edition at us and double dares us to say that again!

If you are one of those who think gaming laptops, unlike desktops, don’t have the goods required to run heavy games at respectable resolutions and FPS, you haven’t met the Nitro yet.

The Nitro V15 Black Edition costs 1,10,000 and this sexy beast is probably also one of the most slick gaming laptops available to buy in India. Yes, you read that right. The Nitro sports a 15.6in LCD 4K display with IPS Technology with wide viewing angles.

There’s also ComfyView tech on board to help ease those watery eyes when you celebrate victory in an hour-long online battle. Acer claims it reduces eye fatigue and enhances visual comfort through the non-glare technology built within ComfyView. Dolby Digital Plus Home Theater with 4 speakers handle the audio side of things.

Did you say 4K?

Yes, we did, but before that, we should let you know that there’s Acer DustDefender technology on board and the company claims that it relies on the notebook’s high-speed metal fan to remove internal build-up of dust. This enhances performance while quietly keeping the device cool.

But when heavy loading or extreme performance of the notebook requires added ventilation, CoolBoost technology’s exclusive Turbo Mode can be manually activated by you to enable faster fan speed, and lower CPU/GPU temperatures.


Who cares about dust! 4K, you said 4K

Yes! The Nitro is powered by NVIDIA GeForce up to GTX960M graphics cards and offers powerful performance with the latest 4th Gen Intel Core i7 processors making it a seriously unavoidable device for those with big budgets and equally demanding needs, which obviously include 4K gaming on the go.

But will it actually let you run games at those resolutions without a hitch? Wait till we put it through our tests, and we will have a full review of it up in a couple of days.