Fully Charged: Samsung’s ₹20lac dog kennel, Office 2016 preview for Mac, and Gmail’s useful iOS update

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Samsung’s kennel for tech-savvy pups

Because Samsung has a seemingly insatiable need to dip its toes into every possible market, the company has designed a high-end dog kennel that costs about 20,00,000 (converted from GBP). That’ll get your lucky pup a rejuvenation pool, as well as a Samsung Tab S tablet. Oh, also pillows, which are probably the most practical thing in the space.

Samsung is not actually looking to sell this bit of silly tech, however, much as we might like to imagine that. The Samsung Dream Doghouse was designed by a team of 12 over six weeks for display at the Crufts 2015 dog show, going on between yesterday and Sunday.

[Source: International Business Times]

Office 2016 preview for Mac

Microsoft continues to offer its productivity suite for Macs, but the upgrade cycle tends to be much slower than on PC. So Apple fans really have something to rejoice over with the launch of the Office 2016 preview for Mac, which portends the forthcoming release of a proper new Office on the platform this summer.

Anyone can sign up and try the pre-release version of Office 2016 for Mac now, and Microsoft’s blog post on the release shows off images and details. It looks like a blend of recent developments on the PC side of Office with some of the existing Mac design influence maintained, and it sounds a lot more capable than what’s available now. So if you don’t mind trying out pre-release software, now’s the time to give it a spin.

[Source: Microsoft]

Gmail gets a useful iOS update

Do you use the Gmail app on iOS? If so, you’ve got a solid reason to accept yesterday’s new version 4.0 update besides keeping up with bug fixes and other tweaks. The latest revision adds the ability to archive or reply to an email directly from a notification, which makes dashing away junk mail easier than ever.

Additionally, the update lets you attach files from other apps, making Gmail a much better-integrated part of your iOS experience. Grab the update now and start emailing smarter on the run.

[Source: MacRumors]