Fully Charged: Airbnb offers a shark tank sleepover, plus the latest HTC 10 teaser

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Airbnb offering shark sleepover

Looking for an unforgettable getaway? You might actually want to get away if you win this Airbnb giveaway for an underwater bedroom stay at the Shark Aquarium in Paris. The site is giving away three mid-April stays for lucky couples who are chosen, and they'll spend the night sleeping in a circular glass room that is surrounded by 35 swimming sharks.

Not properly terrified? Go ahead and put in your application, which requires a short written introduction. Just note that you can't take selfies after dark due to the sharks' light sensitivity; also, they don't recommend watching Jaws just beforehand.

[Source: Airbnb via Business Insider]

Latest HTC 10 teaser

HTC is back at it with the Twitter teases for the coming HTC 10 flagship, with the 12 April reveal event drawing ever nearer, and the latest one focuses on performance. HTC says the 10 will be the "fastest and smoothest" Android to date, which lines up well with its rumoured specs, including a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM.

And the shadowy picture shown of the phone's lower half matches up perfectly with the many, many leaks, of course, just as previous teases have. Will there be any surprises left in two weeks?

[Source: Twitter]

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Shadow of Mordor sequel?

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was one of the most accomplished Lord of the Rings-related games we've ever seen, and it looks like a sequel to the 2014 game is imminent: stunt actress Lauren Mary Kim has a sequel listed on her CV, reports IGN, supposedly for work done for CGI studio Blur.

While there's been no official tease of a sequel, the Assassin's Creed-esque open-world adventure was well-reviewed and seemed like an ideal franchise-launcher. The big E3 conference is just around the corner in early June, so that might be an ideal time for an announcement.

[Source: IGN]

SoundCloud launches subscriptions

Streaming service SoundCloud has well more than 100 million user-uploaded songs available for free listening, but if you want to hear those alongside the kind of major label offerings found on Spotify and the like, you can now do so via a SoundCloud Go premium account.

At US$10/month for unlimited ad-free playback, it's priced like Spotify or Apple Music, but The Verge suggests that you're only getting about half the pro tracks found on other services. Granted, you also get easy access to the 110 million tracks that are otherwise available free with ads, as well as offline playback.

[Source: SoundCloud via The Verge]