Facebook will soon let you move all your pictures to Google Photos

We’d like to move it, move it

Whether you love or loathe the social media platform, despite the numerous data leaks, your relatives abroad will never leave it, so you really have no choice but to stick to Facebook.

But whether you have plans to move out, or just download your data to another “secure” photo platform/service, there will soon be an easier way out than just downloading all your pictures from Facebook, only to sit and reupload them to a cloud service all over again.

About nine years ago, Facebook participated in a so-called effort to make it easier for users to switch their data securely not just between services, but complete eco-systems (like between iOS and Android). The participants included Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. It’s been a while and now we are finally beginning to see the fruits of those efforts (nope, no apples involved just yet).

For now, Facebook has announced that its users, thanks to the Data Transfer Project, will soon be able to conveniently and seamlessly transfer/export their pictures (and videos) from Facebook directly to Google’s Photos service.

The transfer will happen with a data transfer tool, one that for now is available only to a handful of users in Ireland but will soon be available for all from early 2020.

And if you are an iPhone or iPad user from the iOS ecosystem, get in line! Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s OneDrive are expected to be added to the Data Transfer list as well.