Everything you need to know about Apple's surprise new devices

iPhones, iPads, and Watch bands, oh my

Apple generally has huge, Tim Cook-fronted events when it launches new devices but today, when Apple.com went dark, there was a sense that perhaps something new was being snuck out of Cupertino.

Sure enough, when the site reappeared it was adorned with new iPhones, iPads and Watch straps. Yes, we're talking fairly minor tweaks rather than world-changing new tech, but there are some useful little updates here.

Looking for a quick catch-up on all of the changes? We've got you covered.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus see red

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now come in a shade of fetching red. They join the existing family of (PRODUCT)RED products that are specially created to raise funds for fighting HIV/AIDS.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition come in 128GB and 256GB flavours. Prices range from ₹82,000 for the 128GB iPhone 7 and rise to an eye-watering ₹92,000 for the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus. The order books open this Friday.

Like the idea of buying a phone that helps fight disease but not so keen on the scarlet visage? Apple's also launched its silicone and leather cases in a host of new colours: azure, camellia and pebble, taupe, sapphire and berry. These start at ₹2,900 and are available right now.

iPhone SE doubles up on storage

The littlest iPhone now comes with more storage than ever. Gone are the 16GB and 64GB variants - instead, say hello to the new 32GB and 128GB ones.

Thankfully (and perhaps a little surprisingly) prices haven't increased along with the storage, so the 32GB iPhone SE costs the same ₹27,200 as the outgoing 16GB model and will be available from this Friday.

iPads get streamlined

The iPad Air is dead. Its replacement? Simply 'iPad'.

This is fundamentally the same tablet, albeit with a processor upgrade to the A9, a slight increase in brightness and a price drop, with the range now starting at ₹28,900 for the 32GB Wi-Fi edition.

The iPad Mini 4 doesn't get a new processor but it has had its storage increased to 128GB as standard. In fact, that's the only storage option now available for the Mini. You'll pay ₹34,900 for the Wi-Fi version, or ₹45,900 if you want to add 4G.

New Apple Watch bands galore

Because it's spring and Apple Watch follows the fashion calendar, you get new colour choices in practically every Apple Watch category: Sport, Woven Nylon in fresh patterns, Classic Buckle, and even Hermès. We're particularly fond of that Bleu Zéphyr Epsom leather. Plus, you can buy Nike Sport Bands for the first time.

Here are all the fancy new bands you can buy for your Apple Watch. 

Apple wants you to create Clips

It’s not all hardware. Software gets some love in the form of Clips, an app that will let you easily create videos using photos, videos, and music. It also features something called Live Tiles which will allow you to create animated captions using your voice. Of course, you can expect the mandatory special effects and stickers for embellishment.  

Clips will be available for free from the start of April.

Swift Playgrounds learns new languages

When it was first announced at WWDC last year, Apple's Swift Playgrounds, which teaches you how to code, was only available in English. Now, though, it's being rolled out in Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Latin American Spanish. 

Coding knows no borders.