Essential Products Teases Bizarre Looking Smartphones Called GEM

They're just half the width of a standard phone size

What a time of smartphone innovation. First we have the foldable smartphones, then we have Nokia bringing back the classics while keeping Android, and then... there's this smartphone by Essential Products. They're simply called GEM and have definitely caught our attention by being just half the width of a smartphone size.

CEO Andy Rubin released a few tweets showcasing this, with one tweet showing the phone’s form factor, which shows a large single-camera module on the phone and another strange little indent which has yet to be fully revealed as to what it is. The second tweet demonstrated the Colorshift material of the device’s exterior, which looks highly attractive with the various colour hues. 

Whatever it is, it's clear to see that this new device looks very different compared to the original Essential Phone. As of now, these are all teaser images so we have no idea what's packed inside, but we can be sure that it's going to have a very different UI as one picture shows multiple app windows in a single screen. Well, if the company is teasing it, we can expect more info sometime for sure.