The easily pocketable Honor 5C might cure your phablet fatigue

The 5.2in display is a refreshing change to phones that seem hell-bent on rivalling your TV

Tired of massive phones that can’t even fit into your pockets? Yet insistent on getting a Full HD display? Then go check out the Honor 5C. But there’s something else as well for the movie fan who can’t do without a big screen - the Honor T1 7.0

Phablets might have seemed like a great idea initially, but a few years of dropping phones onto unforgiving floors has convinced us otherwise. That’s why Honor’s decision to kit out the new 5C with a ‘smallish’ 5.2in display seems very, very welcome. Even better, it’s a Full HD screen, not the pokey HD you usually get with phones below the 5.5in mark.

But Honor says its real focus is on the performance. Unlike its bigger sibling, the 5X, the new 5C kicks out Qualcomm’s Snapdragon in favour of the Kirin 650. According to Honor, their new octa-core processor should run cooler and faster, and make for better power consumption figures.

Apart from this, the 5C uses eMMC 5.1-based storage, something Honor says should boost responsiveness even more. There’s also a (pretty much standard at this price point) 3000mAh battery inside, but Honor claims that the combination of their new chip and the software enhancements of EMUI will make it as effective as a 4000mAh battery when used with other processors.

As for the other specs, it’s all just about what you’d expect: An aluminium-alloy body, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage (expandable), fingerprint scanner, LTE, EMUI 4.1 (based on Android Marshmallow), a 13MP rear camera with a manual / professional mode and an 8MP front camera.

The Honor 5C retails at ₹10,999 and will be available on Flipkart. Registrations start today, with flash sales commencing June 30.

The tablet lives on

We hardly hear about tablets these days - guess the phablet has pretty much killed them off. So it might come as a surprise to see Honor launch a new tablet as well - the T1 7.0. But we guess they have a point - a phablet might be better than a regular phone if you’re a movie buff, but it just can’t match up to the screen real estate you find in a bonafide tablet.

That explains this new 7-incher: It’s got 1GB RAM, a 1024x600 display, an octa-core processor, a 4100mAh battery, 3G calling, and also supports OTG storage. The T1 7.0’s not really specced out for the gamer, but it’s got pretty much all the basics for movie-watching when stuck in economy class on a long flight.

The price matches as well: At ₹6999, it should be a no-brainer as a travel accessory.