E-commerce meets social networking

Take your online shopping experience to another level with Clipwiser

Clipwiser, a social e-commerce app, allows you to connect with family, friends and acquaintance to help make better decisions while buying online.

The social networking app enables you to consult people in your social circle who further give their recommendations and suggestions.   

It differentiates itself from Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Flipkart and Amazon by utilising a consumer-to-consumer recommendation-based sales strategy. The social e-commerce network capitalises on one of the most potent means of selling: word of mouth. It views every consumer as a potential marketer, since people trust the opinion of a friend more than any business messaging.

Clipwiser is a online marketplace aggregator that lets you browse through websites such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, etc in various fields such as  jewellery, kids, fashion etc. The application enables shoppers to show off their purchases on social media platforms once they’ve made a decision on the product they want to buy.

The mobile app is now available on Android and will soon be available at iOS application stores.