Drop everything and download: Threads from Instagram

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#Instaready can be served at lightning speeds to your close friends, even if they didn’t ask for it. 

The Threads app is a separate chatting app that grabs your close friends list from Instagram and keeps them at a stone’s throw for firing #OOTD at a flick of a thumb. (Snapchat is trembling)


What does it do?

After you log in with your Instagram ID, the app automatically picks up your close friends list or, if you haven’t made one, then it allows you to add your buddies. 

There’s even a subset list within the camera interface with a mugshot of your top friends (you decide that) at the bottom. The mugshot doubles down as a shutter button to directly send snaps and videos to that person. You can set a status or automatically have Instagram set it for you based on your location, and continue your chats on Instagram app.

Any downsides?

As if Snapchat wasn’t a chore to keep up with, this is another messaging app we didn’t ask for and with the Instagram DMs around, it's quite pointless. You can’t even fire hot memes on this thing but if you’re looking for just catching up with your buddies, here’s something. We like the UI though. 


Where can I get it?

You can download Treads from Instagram here for iOS and Android.